We wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who has supported Through My Eyes. Last year we made $4,472.60 in donations! This almost all came in the 4th quarter of the year when we were finally able to resume our work. Our own contributions from within came to a tallied $15,000. For the […]

Stories give way to future tales yet to be told. As I stood at the mouth of the Rio Grande River feeding into the Gulf of Mexico, I thought about the miles that laid ahead of this journey.  This iconic river dividing the United States and Mexico for over 1,000 miles. For so many souls, […]

Through My Eyes Big Update Let’s catch up! The first of many blogs to come – catch up on where we have been and what’s next! Where do I even start this entry? It has been two years since Through My Eyes came into existence. We had no idea we would be faced with so […]

On March 5th, we will be hosting a fundraiser at Court Square Theater in Harrisonburg, Virginia. We will be showing two films followed by a Q&A, all starting at 6pm. After that concludes, their will be a show at the Golden Pony with live bands and a raffle! We are so happy to announce that […]

The youth situation and conflict in Yucatan, Mexico By: Karyn J. Perez G. July 3rd., 2017 Located in southern Mexico, Yucatan is one of the 31 states of this country. The 3 states that conform the Yucatan Peninsula, Yucatan included, share not only an incredible Mayan heritage but also they share huge problems related to […]

                        I’m Nathaniel Dennison. Founder and Executive Director of Through My Eyes Foundation. I wanted to take a moment to explain who I am, what this foundation is about, and give room for my team to do the same. Tracing back the events in […]

Just over a week ago, Through My Eyes Foundation touched ground on Haitian soil. This marked the start of our mission to empower youth and communities through short film documentaries​. After some  time getting to know the community and the youth, we officially put the cameras in the youths hands yesterday! They are filming a story […]